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thanked the speaker on behalf of the audience and himself,
and said that the Senator had once more appeared as the
friend of the people and of their rights. He proceeded to
say that he wished to call upon one more speaker for a few
words, a man who was well known to many present and who
was a representative citizen, Mr. Munn, scarcely attending
to what the Doctor said, was suddenly aware that his own
name had been spoken, At that sound, so familiar, and, at
the moment, so strange, he experienced an enveloping wave
of nausea and his bowels seemed to turn coldly within him,
as though his body, before his mind could seize the full im-
port of what was being said, had known it all and had, in
its own violent language of sensation, interpreted the mean-
ing as best it could for the tardy intelligence.

Doctor Milton was gesturing toward him. He began
slowly and painfully to rise, as though by retarding that
habitual act he might avoid the ordeal. He had to get up,
there was nothing else he could do. He approached the
little table, placing himself behind that frail barrier, while
Doctor Milton sat down. A few people near the platform
applauded perfunctorily. He saw the expanse of faces before
kirn stretching back toward the distant fence and the grove
of oaks. He opened his lips dryly, but no sound came out.
He had intended to say, " My friends." He lifted his gaze
from the people. The solitary buzzard, he observed im-
ptfsoaally, had gone, leaving nothing but the empty and
intense Hue of the sky.

**My friends," he managed to begin, wetting his lips.
Tk^a he said that he was unprepared to speak, for he had
M* been warned, hating himself for" the worn and sterile
that formed on his tongue.   While he uttered the
mi* Hs glance fell upon a man who stood on the ground
at &e edge of the platform.  It was a lanky, stooped
tta of •boot fifty, wearing faded blue overalls and a straw
Tte man's red-rimmed, dull eyes were fixed directly
Then, at that instant, he realized with a pro-
&at that man there was an individual person,